Friday, October 19, 2012


Last week we welcomed Oscar into the world. 

Lucky me, I have an awesome friend who happens to also be an awesome photographer.
Thank you again, Lynne, for these amazing memories I get to keep forever!

This is my new amazingly beautiful little big family (sans me, who was looking not so beautiful at the time, but definitely big, so I requested to not be photographed).

I am currently in a state of shock that here I am, 25 years old, mother of three?!  I cannot believe how fast the past five years have gone by, and how very busy they have been.

Without going on and on over the gory details of labor and delivery, I will say that little, over-cooked Oscar was far too big to come out the old fashioned way and I ended up having to have a C-section to get him out.  When they put him on the scale and he was only an ounce shy of eleven freaking pounds, it became very clear to everyone why I was not going to get this little big boy out on my own.

I come from a family of women who "birth" large babies, but I think my 10 lb, 15 oz-er takes the cake.  I am still in awe of how long I must have been walking around with an 8+ pound fetus in my abdomen, which is bigger than most newborns.  I ran into a friend at the Target Pharmacy (filling my serious pain killer prescriptions) who pointed out that her premature baby, who was 5 lbs 1 oz was actually less than half of Oscar's size.  I guessed he would be just over 9....

Up until last week I thought women who had Cesareans got the "easy way out", but it turns out it is a very serious and painful surgery.  I do not know how people go through this more than once.  Regardless of my awful deliveries with the girls, this recovery is, by far, the worst.  I realized how awful it was the first time I tried to get out of my hospital bed.  Let's just say it proved to be much more challenging (actually, impossible) than after Lucy was born and an hour later I got up to shower on my own.

After being able to use my arms again and holding Oscar, I was wondering where he was hiding all his weight.  Unlike his big sisters who were born with their mom's bubble butt and thick thighs, he has hardly anything on his legs, and no butt at all.  Tony told me all his weight was in his neck, and later the nurses told us his chest measurement is bigger than his head, making him unique from most newborns. (This was proven to be true when his coming-home-outfit wouldn't button at the top,leaving his maly chest hair exposed)  My strong husband glowed at this revelation.  I think we may have a future defensive lineman in our family after all.

As our lives together seems to go, Oscar was not our only exciting news last week.  Before picking me up from the hospital to take us both home, Tony was offered a promotion at work, moving to the corporate offices.  This has been an answer to several prayers.  I could not be more proud of my husband.

As for the girlies--  Lucy is like an old lady baby-hog who wants to hold and stare at her baby brother any chance she gets.  We actually fight over him a little bit.  Clara has no concept of the word "gentle" and tries to climb on top of him, literally smothering him with kisses and constantly repeats "Oh!  He smiled at me!"  They are over the moon in love...and so am I :)


  1. such a wonderful post! his measurements are just great :) what a strong baby brother!! congrats, what a wonderful post very heartwarming to read, and congrats to Tony on the promotion!! 2012 has been a wonderful year for your family.

  2. He's got two beautiful big sisters to defend and protect. It's no wonder he knew he had to come out so burly and manly (also unbelievably cute).