Thursday, February 9, 2012

Jamberry Nails Giveaway!!

As mentioned in my last blog post, I am starting a series of giveaways!  

The first one, I am very excited about - Jamberry Nails!  This is a product I learned about from my dear friend, Monica.  She discovered these nails a couple of months ago and has recently started selling them.  Monica and I have kids the same age and share many interests like drinking coffee, staying home with our kids, and shopping.  She has also been a very loyal workout and accountability partner.  Jamberry Nails is lucky to have her as a consultant, as I truly believe this girl could sell anything.  I think she is a perfect fit for this company as she is, like the nails, fun, funky, and confident.
I am very excited to support Monica in this new endeavor!

I went with leopard print (or, "jaguar", as Lucy would call it) RAWR!
Lucy went with hearts for Valentine's Day :)
I am giving one lucky winner one full set (of your choice) of Jamberry Nails!  One of these sheets will cover the average fingernails twice and toes once.  Of course, for little Lucy, this would probably do her nails four or five times.

These nail shields will last, on average, two weeks on your fingernails, and three to four weeks on your toes!  Lucy had a different set on previous to the hearts, and they stayed on her for three whole weeks, at which point, I removed them.

To be eligible for the giveaway (a $15 value) you need to do two things.  First, "Like" Monica's Independent Consultant Facebook Page below.

Second, comment on this blog post, below, the name of set that you would like if you win along with your email address! You can choose from the catalog here.  This Sunday night 2/12/12, at 8pm CST, the winner will be selected via

There are many, many tutorials on how to put these nails on, including here (via Monica's fabulous sister Melinda-hers is my favorite), here, and here.  I was just going to link up to these, but I figured I had might as well stop being lazy do my own anyway.

Here is what you will need;
  • 1 hairdryer
  • 1 cuticle stick
  • nail polish remover (preferably with acetone, not what I used) and cotton balls
  • 1 nail file
  • 1 nail buffer
  • 1 set of Jamberry Nails, of course!
  • (raisins are not necessary, but a good distraction for little ones)

Step 1: Clean nails with nail polish remover or alcohol. (Clean, oil free nails are one of the most important steps of the application)
Step 2: Cut and file nails to desired length and shape
Step 3: Buff top of the nail and push back cuticle.
Step 4: Match nail (finger or toe) to the nail shield that best fits.
Step 5: Peel off nail shield and warm with a blow-dryer 10-15 seconds or until soft and flexible.

Step 6: When warm, press the shield onto the nail.  Apply firm pressure around edges to adhere the shield to the nail.  Use rubber cuticle pusher to seal the shield around the cuticle.

Step 7:  Trim the top with scissors and file off remaining shield using a downward motion to remove excess.

Step 8: Apply heat and pressure to the shield again until it is sealed to the nail. (Repeating this step several times helps create a tight seal to the nail surface and increases wear time)
As you may have noticed, I had a little "helper" on my lap. 

This is only half of a sheet, and this is how much I have leftover after doing all of my fingers.  The larger ones I can use for toes, and the smaller ones I could cut apart for Miss Lu.
We love our Jamberry Nails!  Good luck in the drawing!

 Want fancy nails, too?
Before February 23rd, go to:
Add your favorite designs to your cart.
At checkout, Party menu, pick Anna's party!

The nail sets are $15 a piece, buy 3 get one FREE, and free shipping.


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