Thursday, August 22, 2013

So Long Sweet Summer

I have never been a fan of Summer.  The heat, the humidity, the frizzy hair, the sweat.... 

And really, last Summer was probably the worst.  I was that 'couch mom' who tried to dictate from the couch, in all of my largeness.  "Girls, can you be more quiet, please?  Clara, don't do that!  Lucy, be nice to your sister!  Girls, do not make me get off this couch!!" 

Does anyone remember how hot last Summer was?  Okay, now pretend you are carrying an 8-10 lb fetus inside your body...get the picture? 

Even after being in a much better state of mind (and about 40-50 lbs less) this past Spring, I was sad to see the school year end.  I knew it meant no structured schedule, the girls no longer nap in the afternoons, no time to work on Ruffle Couture, no time to blog, and I might as well forget about having a picked-up house.  I also knew Summer was just one season closer to Kindergarten.

I won't lie.  I cry about my baby going to Kindergarten about....every day.  Some weeks have been better than others.  Some mornings I stare at her and start tearing up.  Some days all three of my kids look at me like I am legitimately crazy because little things will set me off.  Like when Lucy says, "Mommy, what are you going to do without your big helper all day?" with a big smile, after she picks something up off the floor for her baby brother. 

Am I excited for her?  Absolutely.  Ultimately, I know Lucy is going to kick Kindergarten's ass.  She is ready to sing, color and read her little heart out.  I am just selfish and want her all to myself. 

Little Miss Clara is headed off to her first day of preschool. She is going to make friends beyond her sister, and have to speak for herself.  She is going to be asked questions, and get to answer them herself.  Fearless, giggly, spirited Clara is going to be in a classroom.  Mind = blown.

And much to my dismay, they start school on the same day.    This is Clara's first time being away from me, really, so September 3rd is what I like to call The Perfect Storm.  (I swear if that is the day Oscar starts walking, I might just cry all day)

So this Summer.  Somehow we made it until August and only one time did I hear the phrase, "Mommy, I'm bored".  Somehow I stayed in a cabin...twice.  Somehow I found two ticks on my body and didn't spontaneously combust.  Somehow, Oscar started crawling, even after I tried to pick him up every time he would start to move on his own.  Somehow, Clara melted my heart with a trophy she made me out of Legos for "being the best mommy" even after I gave a long, drawn out lecture about how "EVERYTHING HAS A HOME, YOU GUYS!  WHY IS THIS ON THE FLOOR?!  MOMMY IS NOT YOUR MAID!!!".  Somehow, on the 4th of July, while watching fireworks on a pontoon, Lucy cried tears of joy for the first time in her life, and thanked everyone around for the "best day ever". 


Even as much as it stressed me out, I took all three kids to the pool and the fair more than once.  I bought sidewalk chalk and even used it.  I didn't hide all of the bubbles from the girls.  I, Anna, mowed the lawn for the first time in my life! Okay, so it was only half the lawn, and just the one time.  It was still progress.  This hater-of-the-heat has enjoyed this season to the fullest. 

This Summer has been pretty much (dare I say it?)  awesome.  I am sad to see it go. 

Good thing I love the Fall.


  1. Hi Anna! Great pictures! I'm Heather and I was wondering if you would be willing to answer a quick question I have about your blog! My email is Lifesabanquet1(at) :-)